Saturday, May 5, 2007

What Happened?

How does this happen? I told Kathryn and Ryan that I would take them to the bookstore to buy ONE Reader/Chapter book each. Kathryn needs to do another book report and Ryan needs to start reading to me, period. Emily came along and I knew I'd have to get her a book, too. But that's OK, as long as they like reading books, that's what counts. I figured they could each find a cheap paperback book that's under five dollars. They're not too expensive.

How did Ryan and Emily end up with cute Spot stuffed animals? Ryan got a bug book that was above the target price range. He ended up with no Reader/Chapter book. Emily didn't get any book. Kathryn got a Chapter book (yeah!) but is more interested in her tween girl talk book that she bought with her own money. Yours truly had no will power and ended up buying a book to add to my list of 500 books to be read (hee hee - a little exaggerated).

Note to self: Break out the library cards!

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Tiany said...

Ha ha been there done that! Don’t ya just love those shopping trips??? They get us every time! Actually I am working on this by making them spend there own $$$ now and things are finally coming around, they don’t want to spend when it is there own as much :-)

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