Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ryan had to go to the lab today and get a routine blood test. He tried to be brave but the anxiety was a little too much for him. It didn't help that last week he had to endure three immunizations plus a TB test. All this for his entrance into Kindergarten in August. Anyway, he freaked a little when he saw a test tube coming. I tried to get him to close his eyes or turn his head away, but by this time he was coming unglued and was not even aware of what I was saying. After an what seemed like eternity, it was finally over! It took him awhile to recover from the ordeal but it helped that he got to buy a book at the bookstore. He picked out an I Spy book. He loves those.

Most Tuesday nights, we try to head out to the ice cream shop for Dollar Scoop Tuesday. Today was no exception. Kathryn & Ryan tried out a new flavor, Penguin something or other that was black and white. It had some kind of mixed berry flavor. I had my usual, Rocky Road.
This is what the kids looked like after having the delicious ice cream! Luckily the black stuff came off pretty well.

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MITZI said...

Hi Lisa, Funny, my favorite ice cream is Rocky Road! LOVE YA