Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mentally Drained

Well, Emily has sure been the challenge this week. Maybe she's entering a new stage. She has been throwing the worst tantrums yet. I can't seem to take her anywhere without her going into a fit and major power struggle with me. If we go to Target, she wants to buy a toy. If we go to the grocery store, she wants to eat the chips NOW. If we go to the park, she doesn't want to go yet. It can be about anything. Sometimes I have to carry her out of the store, park, wherever. The hard part is that I'm only barely 5 feet tall. Emily is almost 35 pounds! It is quite a sight to see. Me carrying her while she's squirming trying to get out of my arms! I don't even want to imagine what it looks like - LOL! I think I need to think of another solution than trying to carry her away from the situation. Either my back is going to give out or I'll give myself a hernia - don't want that. I think I better pray and get some parenting books.

I know this seemingly endless season will pass but right now it's hard going through it. Most of the time she is a sweetie and a cutie. More about her tomorrow. Tomorrow is her 3rd birthday and I'll do a little entry about her.

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