Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pant! Pant! Pant!

Today was one of those days. I was non-stop all day.

First, Kathryn's school had a Mother's Day tribute this morning. It was very sweet. Her class read tributes to their mothers.

Next, I picked up Ryan from preschool and took him to his new school for a Kindergarten day. He was so excited. He got to meet his teacher, see his classroom, meet his new classmates, sing some songs and play at recess. Then it was time to fit him for his uniform. He looked so handsome.

After Ryan's fitting, I had to pick up Kathryn from school and bring her to the new school and have her fitted for her uniform. All this fitting of uniforms left my checkbook much lighter (sigh).

Next stop, fast food, stop at home for Ryan to change into his baseball uniform, get all of us loaded into the car and head out for his game. Of course once at the game, I can't rest and watch the game, I need to keep Miss Emily occupied and happy. I was kind of lucky this time because she ended up playing with Kathryn and her friend. Still, I had to keep my eyes on her. She fell about 5 times while there and scraped some skin. She loves to run around this shady tree but all its roots are raised and exposed out of the ground. There is something attractive about that for her. Anyway, she's my tough cookie and she brushes herself off and keeps going.

After giving baths and tucking everyone in bed, it's time for me to relax and enjoy some reading. I'm almost finished with The Joy Luck Club. Next book will probably be a Vince Flynn book from my list.

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MITZI said...

Whew!! Lisa, you are a SAINT! Just reading your post makes me tired. But you are not alone, there are many other 'soccer moms' out there who are probably felling as you do. A word of wisdome form this experienced grandmother: your day of rest will come, and a time will come when the checkbood won't be as light as often and the kids will be grown and gone and you will think of what you're living today with fondness. Your are so sweet and such a great mother.

PS: In Oct. a woman's conference is coming to a city close to you, let's go! You're spiritual get-a-way. I'll give you more details via email.