Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Over the weekend, we spent lots of time at the soccer and baseball fields. Glad to say that all three of the kids won their games. Ryan came out of his batting slump and finally made contact with the ball each time he came up. As fun as the games are, I can't wait for the seasons to end. I need a little break from all the practices and hustling here and there. I will so enjoy getting to sit back a little and do some reading or crocheting/knitting. But I think it'll be just in time for the holidays.

I've been spending lots of time going through the kids closets. There are lots of clothes to go through. I've been making a list of clothing items that the kids need due to growth spurts. I've been bagging items to go to the thrift store. Old, broken toys are getting tossed and those that aren't used very often are going to the garage.

One of the things on my To-Do list is to go through my email folder and delete, delete, delete. I have so many newsletters from different groups that I fully intend to read but never get around to because of time limitations. For many of them, I think I'm just going to go in and unsubscribe. I also have a lot of those that come from Netflix that say, "We have received (insert name of DVD)". I tend to keep those, just in case they come back later and say, "We never received such and such DVD"! Well, of course, that hasn't happened, so I'm going to just delete all those. Then I have all the newsletters from Borders bookstore. I keep those because I want to read about all the latest books coming out. But honestly, my To Be Read list is long enough as it is. So, those will be deleted. I hope to have a clutter free inbox soon!

Ryan lost another tooth. His two front teeth were loose but were very stubborn about coming out. Luckily, a school friend of his was playing tag, and accidentally hit Ryan in the mouth. But only one tooth got knocked out. The other one is still hanging on. I keep reminding him to wiggle that tooth. I hope it's not there much longer. I can't seem to get myself to be the one to pull it out.

I made a menu plan for this week but I've already had to alter it. We will be going out to eat with Steve's visiting sister and brother-in-law tomorrow night so that will change the plan a little. I hope to post my interesting (hee hee) menu plan later.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I will be joining in an Election Novena. Read about it HERE.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I thought I'd share some random photos that were taken within the past couple of months.

Emily enjoying her orange at her soccer game.

When we went on our weekend getaway last month, Kathryn got a makeover at a popular tween store. She felt so grown-up and glamorous.

This was on the Monorail at Dis*neyland.

Ryan celebrated a birthday last month and this shot shows his little cake with some candles lit. He is not standing with the cake because he gets a little scared with lit candles. I don't know why. It's not like something caught on fire one year after lighting a birthday cake or we burned ourselves lighting the candles. Maybe he thinks that by blowing, the fire will catch something on fire. When we ask him, he just says he doesn't like lighting candles. Oh well, I'm sure he'll get over it sometime. I don't remember if he blew the candles out after a lot of cajoling or if we let Kathryn and Emily blow them out.

I will leave with this wonderful shot of Steve. He loves reggae music, so I thought this would be an appropriate shot!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Has It Been That Long?

I guess so. I've just been busy living life that I haven't had a chance to update.
Let me think about what's been going on.

Emily got hit with the stomach flu. That's always fun. Of course I didn't have any warning. She just woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. Thank the Lord that the rest of us didn't catch it.

I had to have a crown put on my tooth. I have a temporary right now so I return to the dentist on Monday for the permanent one. I was having quite a bit of pain being that my nerve is near the surface of the tooth. The pain would even travel to my temple. Sometimes food would accidentally move to that side of my mouth and OUCH! Lots of pain. But this week, the pain has pretty much disappeared. I'm glad about that.

Been doing a lot of running around taking my retainer ( I wear it every night) to the dental lab that's making the crown. They need it to make sure that it will fit when I get the crown. They needed it a couple of times. They've tried to just keep it for a day or two at a time so I wouldn't be without it for long.

Tomorrow I need to get a pumpkin for Emily's Daddy and Me date at her preschool. She's so looking forward to this. I guess she and Steve will be carving a pumpkin and putting some decorations on it.

I also need to spend the day folding laundry. That's one chore that is never ending. I always seem to have laundry baskets full of clean clothes waiting to get put away. I also need to sweep the patio and our porches. We've had the Santa Ana winds for the past couple of days and the porches are full of leaves and twigs and dirt and whatever else the wind has blown our way.

Now I'm going to bed and just chill!

Have a good day, everyone!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I was so graciously given this nice award by Suzy at Sailing By Starlight and Tracy at A Catholic Mom in Minnesota. I'm so sorry it took me this long to acknowledge it here on my blog, ladies.

I need to answer the following questions with one word answers, then pass this award on to seven others.

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Where is your significant other? bedroom
3. Your hair color? brown
4. Your mother? comforting
5. Your father? deceased
6. Your favorite thing? homemaking
7. Your dream last night? weird
8. Your dream/goal? security
9. The room your in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? reading
11. Your fear? cancer
12. Where do you want to be in six years? home
13. Where were you last night? practice
14. What you're not? tall
15. One of you're wish list items? counters
16. Where you grew up? California
17. The last thing you did? dishes
18. What are you wearing? PJ's
19. Your TV? on
20. Your pet? none
21. Your computer? loud
22. Your mood? distracted
23. Missing someone? yes
24. Your car? dirty
25. Something your not wearing? watch
26. Favorite store? Target
27. Your summer? busy
28. Love someone? definitely
29. Your favorite color? lavender
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? Thursday

I love all the blogs on my blogroll and so many others that I'm just discovering, but I will start with these. I know many of you already received this, but I'm sending it on anyway!