Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kitchen Woes

This past weekend, my two girlfriends came over to help paint my kitchen. My one friend has been painting forever and is always painting her rooms. So she comes and says she would like to paint my whole kitchen. She'll tell the rest of us what to do. That's great because I don't have that much painting experience, just a little bit with Kathryn's room last summer. So for the next five hours, we toil and sweat getting the kitchen painted, cabinets and all.

Well, as we start tearing the tape off cabinets and walls, we notice that the paint is coming off right along with the tape!! Oh my goodness! We committed a BIG boo boo. We didn't realize that you do not use latex paint over oil-based paint. None of us ever thought in terms of latex vs. oil-based. I/We didn't realize my walls are oil-based. My friend tried to salvage all the edges, but the next day, things just didn't look right. I went over to the hardware store, and they gave me the bad news. Latex paint will never stick right over oil-based paint, no matter how many layers you slather on.

The first step I need to do to correct the problem is to remove all the latex paint. Luckily, most of it is coming off in sheets. But there is still lots of scraping to be done. It's a huge mess. Unfortunately, I've become obsessed with getting it all off before it gets really settled in. I spent most of the day peeling paint off. My friend came over to help me out, but there is lots more to be done. I need to now slow down and just do a certain amount a day because I still have to take care of my other duties. And I need to make sure I take time to relax and just be still. I'm becoming exhausted and I know that's not good.

That's the latest here. I'm too tired to upload and post pictures right now but I have some shots of the horror show. You'll be amazed!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thank you to my new blogging friend, Elizabeth from The Divine Gift of Motherhood for giving me this award! I'm honored!

And check out her wonderful blog. She's a writer and mother and shares her life, stories, food, books, and other items of interest. Go visit!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Today was a busy but productive day. I was able to mop all the floors, do my laundry (but not put the clothes away), do some spring cleaning in the dining room and kitchen, and help with homework! I'm tuckered out, but it's a good tired. Now watch, tomorrow will end up being a slacker day and I won't get anything done. But since I've put that out there, I'll have to make sure I stick with my schedule.

This past weekend, Emily went to her first non-relative birthday party. Her friend from school, Katya, invited her to her princess birthday party. All the girls were to dress as their favorite princess so Emily went as Cinderella. I should have taken her picture, but I just wasn't thinking. All the little princesses looked so cute. There was even a real princess. Yes, Sleeping Beauty came and played with the girls. They played games, had face paintings and even story time. Emily was very enthralled.

This week, I plan on continuing with spring cleaning. The weather is supposed to be in the 70's all week, so that will put me in cleaning mode. Oh yeah, I'm also preparing my kitchen to be painted this weekend. My two girlfriends and I have decided that instead of giving each other birthday presents this year, we are going to help each other with some cleaning/organizational job that is needed at our homes. Since my birthday was in February, I'm first. I wanted help in painting my kitchen cabinets. But my one friend just loves painting and wants to do the whole kitchen! It's a small kitchen but still, I'm not sure the whole thing can be finished in a few hours. One of the walls has wallpaper from when we first moved in,14 years ago!! I tried peeling a little off today to see if it would be easy. It wasn't too bad, but underneath was another layer of a different pattern. That one looked real vintage. It was bright yellow with a bunch of red cherries or raspberries or something like that. It must have gone real well with our yellow tile, during the 50's( I can't wait to change that)! Maybe I should just leave that yellow wallpaper and turn my kitchen retro! It would save money in getting new counters! HA! HA!

I'm off to bed now as my mind is starting to turn to mush. Time to unwind and say goodnight prayers. May everyone have a blessed day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweetness From Emily

A conversation with Emily:

Emily: Mommy, can we have my birthday at Disneyland?

Me: No, I don't think so.

Emily: Why not?

Me: Well, Disneyland is very expensive it would just cost too much for all of us to go.

Emily: But everyone in my class has their birthday at Disneyland!

Me: I suppose their parents must have more money than we do.

Emily: But I can see in their pockets (meaning her classmates) and they have one dollar. That must be enough to get into Disneyland.

Me: I still don't think so.

Then she changed the subject and started talking about the upcoming weekend. I just thought that was so cute and showed the simplicity of this child's thinking. I wish it was just a dollar to get into Disneyland!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Is Near!

As much as I love the rain and winter, I'm ready for some warmer spring weather. Here are some signs of spring in my neck of the woods.

Happy Tuesday!