Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My poor little blog has been neglected! I haven't even been visiting lately! Most of my computer time has been on Facebook - a quicker way to stay in touch.

I've been feeling that I just don't have much to contribute to the blog world. Other people can say things much better than I can and be more interesting! But Steve and the kids think that I should keep blogging, so I'll try and keep plugging away.

For today, I'll post a quick update about what's been going on.

The kids are busy (along with mom and dad) with sports - soccer, baseball, and softball. It's a little hectic for me as there is no set schedule with softball. The games are set but not the snack schedule or snack bar duty schedule. That's not good for a mom like me who likes to know things in advance so I can mentally prepare! And I have to coordinate with the other sports schedules!

Ryan is preparing for his First Communion in May. He already made his First Confession and his retreat. We now have to make a banner that will be placed in the church on first communion day.

I recently attended a workshop at church called Called and Gifted. It helps participants discern about what their charisms are and how to apply them to help others. It was a great workshop. I will have to post later and share what I learned.

Emily is home sick today. Yesterday, it was Ryan. She has the same cough that Ryan had last week. I was hoping to be able to attend a church mission this week in the mornings, but I guess God has other plans. Well, I have two more days to try to attend.

The weather here has been beautiful. Spring is definitely in the air! Can't wait to plant the flowers!

Blessings to all!