Friday, February 29, 2008

The week has flown by and now I'm getting ready for a busy weekend.

First, a bloggy item, Jane recently tagged me for the middle name meme. I did that one before, and you can find it here.

Our neighborhood puts on garage sale weekends four times a year and this weekend is one of those weekends. It's in the city code or something that we are not allowed to hold garage sales unless it's during those certain weekends in the year. It ends up working out really well because you can plan ahead and then drive all around checking out the sales. The kids are searching around their rooms to find things to sell, dreaming of the riches they'll make, HA! I'm going to put out a few things to see what luck I have. Even my mom is here to do some selling! We'll see!

Ryan has his first baseball game tomorrow. This year, his team is the Chicago Cubs. His uniform is cute with the pinstripes and blue and red cap. This is his last year with the Shetland division, then he moves up to the Bronco division (I think that's the one). Kathryn starts her soccer season next Saturday.

Ryan and Emily both need haircuts. They've been postponed because of sicknesses, but now they can't wait any longer. Appointments need to be made NOW!!

Today is my 44th birthday. Steve and I will be going out dinner. Not sure where yet. My mom will watch the kids. We haven't gone out on a date/dinner in ages, so this is a nice treat.

Everyone have a blessed weekend!


Tracy said...

Good luck with your sale!! I love garage sales and can't wait until summer here in MN when they start up.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have fun at the sale. I'm can't wait for spring--yard sale season!

Therese said...

happy birthday. I hope it was great.

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!