Monday, February 4, 2008


Today was not a productive day. And it just goes to show that when I mess up and am not disciplined to do what I'm supposed to do, things kind of stay a mess. It seems I go in spurts. Last week, I was very productive in my work. I was focused and things got done. Some areas of the house actually looked presentable. So with that, it usually follows that with all that work, I tend to slack off a little afterwards.

Today was one of those days. I started out fine. Did some of my morning routine, then realized I really needed to get some necessary items from Target. Did that, but then I thought I would rest a little before picking up Kathryn & Ryan from school. I kind of got the knitting bug so I did a little of that. I saw how much progress I was making on Ryan's hat, that I continued with that. Needless to say, I never got back in the work groove. So I'm a little frazzled now because I'm playing catch up with kitchen clean-up, laundry sorting and general getting stuff ready for tomorrow. But at least I have an almost completed knitted hat to show for it! And I have to say that I did enjoy that! :)

Tomorrow we're going to have breakfast at school. They are having a Fat Tuesday Pancake Breakfast and we are looking forward to it. We have to leave even earlier than usual to make it, at least by 7:00 AM!

Lately, I've been having such a precious time with little Emily. She's been my little helper when I unload the dishwasher. Her favorite task is cleaning the bathroom, believe it or not. I don't give her any yucky stuff to do, just things like straighten things out on the counter. She does like to swish the toilet with the brush, but I make sure that I've done the main cleaning. And of course, we both thoroughly wash our hands! She loves to come up to me and say, "Hug and kiss!" Then she'll reach for me, give me a kiss, then rub her little face against my cheek. That's her hug! I just love those! I thank God that I've been able to be at home to experience all this. These are such precious times that will be over before I realize it. I want to truly savor these moments.
Thank you, Lord!


Lori said...

That precious time is SO precious! Life gets so crazy, we all need to step back and just breath it all in for all it's worth! Great post!

Tracy said...

Awwww, how sweet is that!!!
Emily sounds alot like my Alex, I sure enjoy him too!

Also, I've tagged you when you have time!

mitzi said...

Dont' worry about your house Lisa, it'll always be there waiting. :)

Emily is so precious. Yes, these times are special for the two of you.

mitzi said...

It's me again. Just wanted to let you know that I think there is still a little catholic left in me. :) For Lent I've given up colas (diet pepsi to be exact). And I am so craving it right now. Guess the discipline will be good for me. Besides soda isn't really good for anyone. Just wanted to say that Lisa. Maybe I should expound in my own blog instead of taking your space. Have a great weekend. Hope to see you soon and the kids too.

mitzi said...

One more thing, meme me with the questions. i was just readin yours and notice you like rocky road ice cream. so do I! There are a few other things you mentioned that are me too. I miss Dad too. I think of all the things I would have talked to him about. Why didn't I talk to him more? Why didn't I ask him about his navy life? Why didn't I ask him to teach me cribbage. I'd give anything to learn how to plan just to honor him! Why didn't I tell him I love him more? Whenever I see a light blue VW I think of him. I've even seen a blue VW with a yellow door. Boy did my heart stop! yes, Lisa I miss him too. Now let me go have a little cry.
Lisa, have I told you lately I love you? I do. :)

Maryellen said...

I agree with Mitzi. The house will still be there tomorrow. You needed a break. The house is there for your use and shelter. It's to live in and doesn't have to be "presentable". Children live there. LOL

Your times with Emily are precious. She sounds so sweet. I'm glad you are enjoying her so much.

Have a holy Lenten Season