Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweetness from My Boy

I can get weary hearing things like this:

"Why can't you buy us a playstation (Gameboy, such and such DVD, or any substitution of your choice) . Everyone else has one!"

"I don't like this chicken!"

"Can I have some cookies?" Requested at 7:00 AM.

"You're so mean!"

Then I hear from my sick Ryan, droopy eyed and feverish, looking me right in the eye:

"Thank you for doing your best to make me feel better." Then he kissed me on the cheek.

I wouldn't trade being my children's mom for anything in the world!


Tracy said...

Amazing!!! You have summed up what I believe all of us mom's must certainly feel about our kids... it is the most awesome and amazing gift being a mother! Blessings!!

patjrsmom said...

So sweet!

And, I've tagged you!

God Bless,

mitzi said...

Ryan is so precious. I love how he is so gentle with Gina.
Do you have plans for your 11th Birthday!! Been thinking of you often. Love ya.