Friday, January 4, 2008

Pictures to Share

Wednesday, we headed on out to see the Rose Parade floats. We didn't go to the parade itself, but went to see them displayed at a park. They looked very beautiful but already some of the flowers were getting a little droopy. There were so many people that it was hard to get some good shots, but I tried.

Here are a few:

This float is from the City of Anaheim. It had some of the city's attractions, like this sleeping beauty castle from Disneyland and trolley car.

I wanted to get this one in. It's a little replica of the Honda Center where the Anaheim Ducks play hockey and other things like concerts take place.

Obviously, this is not a float, but I wanted to show what the real Honda Center looks like (taken at the Ducks Stanley Cup celebration!)

Cute little truck with oranges loaded in.

Here are a few close-up shots:

Emily has had enough!!


Cmerie said...

Thanks for sharing! The floats are really beautiful. Funny thing, I watched an episode of Dirty Jobs once where he had to go in and help take apart the floats after the parade, and much of the floats had already begun decaying. They sure are pretty, though, while everything is fresh! ;)

Tracy said...

AWESOME PICTURES!!!!! Thank you for sharing.. these turned out wonderful and so bright and beautiful!

GrandmaK said...

What lovely pictures! I had an aunt and uncle who lived on Orange Grove in South Pasadena. They have since passed but we loved to visit!! Their garden was so grand and the beautiful flowers they had all year round.

I came to ask if it is alright if I add you to my Blarney Corner. And let you know in advance that I have tagged you for the Book MEME. If you have already done this you can pass it on to someone who has not had the opportunity to do so. Thanks and God Bless!! Cathy

Lori said...

What beautiful floats!! What a fun day!

patjrsmom said...

Wow! I love the pictures. That must have been so cool to see in real life!


Therese said...

They look great Lisa. It would be great to see them irl.