Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our Lady of Sorrows

Beneath the cross the Mother kept
Bleak vigil under darkened skies.
Upon the cross her Son hung nailed,
Stabbed through by crowds of hostile eyes.

"And your own soul a sword shall pierce,"
The old man in the Temple said,
The Spirit's sword, the word of God-
God's word be done, was all she said.

Upon the cross the Savior died;
Beneath, the Mother bowed her head;
Above, the storm broke harsh and wild-
God's word be done, was all she said.

A soldier came and thrust him through;
The blood and water proved him dead.
They laid his body in her arms-
God's word be done, was all she said.

At vigil's end, the Crucified
Arose from death her glorious Lord.
O Father, Son, and Spirit, God,
We praise and magnify your Word.
-Old Hymn


Maryellen said...

That's a beautiful old hymn (judging from the text) - I haven't actually heard it. Have you?

Reading it, the thought came to me that "God's Word be done" includes "Behold your son" proclaimed to Mary, and "behold your mother" to St. John.

So there are a lot of silver linings for us on that dreadful Cross. That's the day Mary became our heavenly Mother.

Lisa said...

Maryellen - No, I haven't heard this hymn either. It was taken from my Magnificat booklet. There is so much that we can ponder from those words.