Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knitting Update

I thought I'd share some of the progress I'm making on my knitting.

I finished a hat and one mitten

for Emily!

I started a project for Emily since she is the smallest, I thought it would go quicker. And it did!
Everything is very quick to work up. I took a little longer as I needed a little help from my knitting instructor and I had other things going on in my life that took from my knitting time. I should be able to finish the other mitten soon!


MITZI said...

Emily is just too precious! I gotta give her a hug soon. Tell her Aunt Mitzi says hi and she looks beautiful with her new hat.
Love ya.

SuzyQ said...

How sweet!
Little Emily looks very proud in her new cosy knits:0)
I had to smile when you said you started knitting for your youngest first because you thought it would take less time to finish:0)
That's exactly what I always do! The baby has tons of knitted clothes. Poor Emmy (my 10 year old) has been waiting for me to finish her cardigan since Christmas!

Lisa said...

Suzy - Emily loves to wear her hat with one mitten. I started again on her remaining one. My goal is to finish within the next couple of days. I think I beat your record for a UFO. Kathryn is still waiting for her Minnie Mouse crocheted blanket I started when she was in Kindergarten(4 yrs ago) The thing that still makes me drag my feet is that there is a lot of cross-stitch - so time consumming!