Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Week So Far

This week has gone by pretty fast. Most of it has been spent doing routine housework, cleaning kitchen appliances and working in Kathryn's room to get ready for Miss Emily to move in. I don't really get as much done as I'd like because I also need to make sure all three kids are safely occupied and not pestering each other too much. I've pulled my hair out more than once with all their arguing! I'm sure they're tired of hearing me say, "Can't you all just get along!!" I'm tired of hearing myself say it! I've done a little academic work with them, but it hasn't been consistent. I'll try to do better with that.

Yesterday we took a little drive to visit Grandma. We had lunch, then the kids played around while I chit chatted with Mom. That is always fun. She has a nice patio and garden with a large yard for the kiddos to run around.

Today was lunch day with Dad. Every summer we have one day a week or every other week when we go to Steve's work, pick him up and have lunch at a park. I packed lunch for me and the kids and off we went. Today, we didn't actually go to the park this time. I had to do emergency grocery shopping and Steve kindly gave up the park so we could get the bread we really needed. If you can guess, I really, really don't like to go shopping with all three kids. So, even when we don't make it to the park, we all like to visit with Steve even if it's just for one hour during the day.

Tomorrow we head off to the library. Ryan just got a library card and he's excited to be able to check out his own books. His interest right now is insects. So, we'll probably check out some beetle or grasshopper books. I'm actually learning new things, like there really is a difference between bugs and insects. I never new that. I just used the terms interchangeably
I probably won't be able to look at books for myself. By the time everyone has their books picked out, Emily will have had enough and start getting unruly. We'll see!


MITZI said...

Lisa, you must tell me, what is the difference between a bug and an insect! A bug is a bug is a bug!!

Lisa said...

Mitzi - An insect has 6 legs & 3 body parts and an external skeleton. Most have antennae and 2 pairs of wings. Now a bug is an insect but it has a mouth like a beak and a triangle head. So a spider is not an insect because it doesn't have 6 legs nor an external skeleton. It is an arachnid. So is a scorpion. A ladybug is not a bug because of the shape of the head, mouth, etc. It's confusing so I think I'll probably still refer to those little critters as bugs. Whatever, I usually don't like them.