Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to the 80's

I just love the 80's music so when I found out that the Psychedelic Furs were coming to town, I just had to go. Steve got the tickets and that's where we went Tuesday night! The Fixx and The Alarm also were on the playbill. It was great! It reminded me of what fun times I had in the 80's, way back when I was younger and real wet behind the ears. Glad to say I've matured a bit.

I've always liked The Alarm but kind of forgot about them because they weren't a prominent band like the Psychedelic Furs. I was glad to hear that the lead singer, Mike Peters, still has a great voice. He mentioned that he had leukemia. Upon reading about him, I found out that he's battled it twice and apparently is taking medication to keep it under control, at bay or something to that effect. At the concert, he had super energy, was upbeat, and had such an inspiring attitude.

Here's a YouTube video of the Psychedelic Furs in case you're unfamiliar with them or if you just want to re-live a little bit of 80's music!

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mitzi said...

Well Lisa, never head of the group but looking at the date 1982, I was a young mom with two small kids at that time and probably didn't have time to listen to the radio much.

Where as you, I think you and Steve were hitting the theater scene and going to some great places. or was it pre-Steve?

My music is Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Still & Nash, Eric Clapton. No music like!!