Friday, July 6, 2007


Our Fourth of July was spent just being together. We attended our neighborhood annual parade. Everyone dresses for the occasion, decorates their strollers, bikes, wagons, pets, whatever and goes around a couple of blocks in the neighborhood. Lots of people sit out in their front yards and wave to those of us walking in the parade. A firetruck usually leads the parade.

Afterwards, everyone gets an ice cream treat!

Usually at night we try to see the fireworks show from Dis*neyland at a nearby parking lot. This year Emily tuckered out early and fell asleep before we could go. I stayed home with her and Ryan chose to join me. Steve and Kathryn went to see the fireworks show. All was not lost as Ryan and I got to see the neighbors doing their fireworks. Not too bad. We also got to see some shooting off in the air. I actually think those are illegal. The ones that are sold in the stands don't shoot up in the air. I don't know where people get those other ones, Mexico perhaps? Don't know.

Yesterday, I got quite a scare. I was out on the front porch sweeping and just knocking off dust from the windowsills. I went back inside and the kids stayed out there. Ryan yells that there's a wasp nest out there. I said no, there was one last year but I haven't seen one this year. Well, out of curiosity, I took a peak and sure enough, there was a small hornet's nest! We ran back into the house and looked at this nest through the window. Yuck, it was ugly. It was only about the size of an apricot but it had a lot of those combs. There were about ten hornets all over it. Man, I was not about to mess with that. The nest was situated near our front door. I don't know why we didn't notice it before! We are in and out all the time. I didn't want to wait for Steve to come home and I wouldn't want him to try to get it either. It was in such a position that the hornets would swarm straight at you. I called the exterminator and he quickly came and took care of it. He handled it quite easily. You could tell he was an expert! I wish I would have thought of taking a picture of it, but I wasn't thinking of that at the time! It seems like we get these hornets each year, but we manage to mess up the nest before it gets bigger. This year they kind of fooled us with the location.


Delena said...

Where do you live in Southern California? I used to live in Garden Grove, and my family still lives in Westminster. We used to be able to sit on our diving board every night and watch the fireworks at Disneyland. Oh, how I miss the weather and having a pool in my backyard! :-)

Lisa said...

Delena - It's a small world! I live in Santa Ana, right next door to Garden Grove. We can't see the fireworks from our house, but we can hear them almost every night! If we step out into the middle of the street we can see the fireworks from Angel Stadium on Friday nights when the Angels are home. Nice, until a car needs to pass!