Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This 'N That

Steve finally sold his car that he was trying to sell for the longest time. He already has another one picked out. He just has to wait for the other party (it's a used one) to receive the pink slip from their financial institution. Once he gets the "new" one, we'll finally have some reliable cars. We both have had some bad times with previous cars. The car I'm driving now is very reliable and I've had no problems with it.

Until Steve gets the new car, hopefully within the next few days, we'll be sharing mine. Hopefully we'll get all our respective errands done. He'll probably be driving my car when he returns to work on Thursday. I'll be left at home with the three kids, YIKES!

Today's agenda is to take care of whatever errands we can so that we can enjoy a leisurely 4th tomorrow. Tomorrow our neighborhood has its annual 4th of July parade. We need to put air in the kids bicycle tires so they can ride them in the parade.

It's been hot here the last couple of days. We're in the high 80's. Usually when it's this warm, our nights are so nice that we like to take walks along the beach. Maybe we can do that tonight.

Yesterday, I went to an interesting class about nutrition and managing cholesterol. I used to be more conscientious about my eating habits before, but I kind of let it slide and now I want to get back into developing better overall health habits. I hope to write about that in another post.

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