Saturday, July 7, 2007

Motu Propio

Well, the long awaited Motu Propio (Summorum Pontificum) has been released. I so hope this is the start of bringing back reverence to the Mass. I'll have to wait and see how the bishop here will respond, but I'm hoping I will have an opportunity to attend my first Latin Mass in the near future. I've never attended one before and the main reason I want to is to experience a sense of the reverence, awe, and emphasis on the "Sacrifice of the Mass." I've had plenty of experience with hand holding, let's be community type of worship. Now I'm not opposed to being a community, but I don't like that being emphasized over the sacrificial aspect of the Mass. I don't foresee going to a Latin Mass regularly, but I do want to see what the Mass may have been like before Vatican II. I'll see what transpires in my diocese.

For some good analysis about this document, check out Fr. Z.

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mitzi said...

Hi Lisa, to think the Mass is going back to Latin is interesting. I did experience Mass in Latin throughout my childhood and it wasn't inspiring as I didn't know what was being said. I can't remember if we had English/Latin missals. There always was a sense of reverence as it was the Mass, especially during the consecration and if it was high Mass then there was awe in the incense burning. To this day I like the smell of that incense. I think you might enjoy the Latin Mass if you desire the solemn experience. For me, I'll take the upbeat service anytime. It's comforting to know that God meets us where we're at and whatever means we chose to seek Him. Look forward to hearing your comments on the Latin Mass.