Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Kathryn and Ryan have been admitted to a Catholic school for the coming 2007-2008 school year. I think this is the best and wisest choice for them at this time. Right now they both go to a Christian school, Kathryn in the 3rd grade and Ryan in Pre-K. It has served them well in all areas however enrollment there is very low. The retention rate is not good. The Preschool is fine but in Kathryn's class, there are only 6 children. It is a combined 2nd and 3rd grade class. They have two 3rd graders, including Kathryn. The other grades are not much better. I think the individualized attention is great. What I think is a problem is just Kathryn's socialization. I feel she needs more friends her own age. Since the turnover is great, usually her girlfriends leave at the end of the school year to move on to another school. We don't have any neighbors that have girls around Kathryn's age, her cousins live far away, and most of our friends have boys. This new school is more established, has a great reputation, and has plenty of kids. And the big plus is that it is a Catholic school. Since we are a practising Catholic family, this is great!

I've searched and searched for a Catholic school that really celebrates its Catholic identity. Our parish doesn't have a school and other schools in the area say they are Catholic but are not very orthodox. I think I may have found one that takes the faith seriously. Time will tell and I pray it is so.

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