Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Goings On

I've been dealing with sick kids, again. But, isn't that the way it is when you're a mom. Ryan is over his ear infection. Emily seems to be over her cold. Kathryn looks like she's getting over her case of the hives.

Sunday night, she was complaining that she was itchy. I put some anti-itch cream and sent her to bed. She awakened me in the middle of the night and said she was itchy all over. Upon turning the light on, I saw that she was covered in hives! Luckily I had some over the counter allergy medication. She's been taking it for the past 2 days as the hives keep reappearing. Today was the first day without it and they seem to have stopped. Thank the Lord. Poor thing, she's been miserable with all the itching. If she can stay hive free today, I'll send her back to school tomorrow. I don't have any idea about what may have caused it. Perhaps a yogurt drink that she started drinking for the first time? Ryan had the same thing happen about two years ago. When I took him to the doctor about it, he said that sometimes we just don't know how they get it. It eventually clears up. It took Ryan about a week for them to finally clear up.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ryan had a little accident at the park last Friday. He ran into the park apparatus and required 4 staples to his little head! He was so brave in the emergency room. Thank God that it wasn't as bad as it could have been! His guardian angel must have taken the brunt of it!

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