Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nugget of Hope

Sometimes parenting can be so difficult. There is constant bickering among the siblings, constant reinforcing of proper behavior, discipline doled out, etc., etc. Often I wonder if we as parents are making the right decisions. Will the kids ever "get it"? Will they learn to follow the Lord even with our many failures? Today I was given a glimmer of hope. Today the Lord allowed me to see a little reward for my clueless attempts at parenthood.

At Mass, all three kids acted better than they have in a long time. They participated and even two year old Emily behaved until the homily was almost over. That's pretty good for her. After Mass, we decided to go out to eat. I had a gift card to use up and I didn't really feel like cooking anything. Eating out can be a challenge right now with little ol' Emmy. Well, she surprised me and behaved herself! All three got along! All three ate their veggies! Oh my!

Today gave me hope that maybe some things I'm trying to get across to them are sinking in a little bit. Maybe my kids won't grow up to be ill mannered. Maybe I can teach them and I can believe that I am doing my part in producing future productive members of society. With God's grace, I can choose and I do choose, to do what He has called me to raise up these children He has blessed me with. I cling to the belief that He chose me to be the mother to these specific children. He will give me everything I need to do it. I just need to seek Him first.

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