Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a week it's been! The Santa Ana winds started again and with it came allergies. Or so I thought. My eyes started itching, then I started sneezing, then the stuffy nose came. I think now that I had a cold. I can't really tell. I was taking some allergy medicine but that didn't seem to help. For two days, my head was so congested. My eyes looked so beady. Now my nose is clearing up but the cough is starting. Sounds like the cycle of a cold to me. Whatever. I'm feeling much better now.

Emily and Kathryn both had colds too. Emily missed two days of preschool.

I'm so excited! We finally got our hardwood floors refinished. Our entryway was hardwood but in terrible shape. Our dining room had carpeting and as you can guess the carpet was so yucky. It got so bad that not even professional cleaners could get it to look good anymore. So we took out the carpeting and refinished the hardwood floors underneath. The wood looks beautiful! We did the same with the hallway carpeting.

We have lots more home repairs to do, more flooring, painting, counter tops, practically everything. As finances allow, we will do what we can.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


GrandmaK said...

Gorgeous floors. We've only had our hardwood floors a little over a Year in the living room/dining room but they are wonderful! Enjoy! Good day! Cathy

Suzy said...

The floors look fabulous! We had hardwood flooring in the last house we lived in. It is so practical and hardwearing.
Sorry to hear your suffering from colds. Hope you are all feeling 100% again soon.

Tracy said...

oh your floors are amazing.. I want wood flooring so badly in my home.. someday I hope:)

Laura said...

Ya ever heard of floor envy?
I got it.

Sandra said...

Oh those are beautiful floors!

Julieann said...

OHHHHH LISA---GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Like the above commenter--I am envious too:)

Enjoy them--they are PURTY!


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Your floors look great. I have hardwood floors and actually prefer them over carpet. They also help with my allergies.