Saturday, January 10, 2009

Letter Meme

Laura, the teacher, from Catholic Teacher Musings has assigned me the letter J (for Journey). I wanted to use ten J words to describe my spiritual journey, but that was proving to be difficult so I chose five words to do that, then five more general J words.

J - Jesus
The whole point of this spiritual journey. The final destination is heaven, and being with Jesus.

J - Journal
Where I write down my thoughts and reflect on what I think the Lord is saying to me and doing in my life. My thoughts on Bible passages and other spiritual writings.

J - Join
I join with others, in heaven and here on earth, in this spiritual journey. Together we help each other out and provide support as we journey toward our final destination.

J - Jerk
How I act sometimes. As I read the Bible and pray, I get convicted about how I've behaved and I pray to overcome my sinful habits and become more like Jesus.

J - Joy
Joy is what I feel when I'm right where God would have me . Loving and serving Him and others.

Now, for the other five words, I'm just going to name things that I like that begin with J.

J- Jeans
I wear these all the time. I'm most comfortable wearing these.

J - Jasmine
I love the smell of this flower! One of the joys of summer is smelling this fragrance.

J - Jelly Beans
A favorite candy of mine. I love the red ones!

J - Junk food
I eat too much of this. A few of my favorites are Ding Dongs and Sour Cream and Onion potato chips.

J - Jamberry
The delightful children's book that I used to read to Kathryn all the time when she was younger.


GrandmaK said...

JUBILATION--I seem to experience such joy in your words when I visit here that it calls to mind this ""J" word. Good day to you! Cathy

Laura said...

Great insight and variety here, Lisa.
( I sincerely doubt you are ever a on the other hand?.....)

Irish Chicken Soup said...

Great list. I'm trying my very best at the moment to avoid Sour Cream and Onion chips. :)

Irish Chicken Soup said...

Great list. I'm trying my very best at the moment to avoid Sour Cream and Onion chips. :)

Irish Chicken Soup said...

Sorry for the double comment above. >.<

I also find myself feeling a bit "jerky" from time to time and have to realize that I should let those kind of thoughts consume me. God definitely helps there.

Tracy said...

Lisa, I love your J list.. great JOB:)

TL. said...

oh great!!
I met the illustrator of Jamberry books, I was working an afterschool program and we went to a library in Manhattan to meet with the illustrator of the magic school bus. I had no idea what it was!! LOL
anyway I feel in love with that berry book... It was just so poetic and full of imagination...
I'm sure it's a sign of great promises that your children liked it!

Have a nice Journey!

SuzyQ said...

This was a fun list. Red Jelly Beans Mmmmmmmmmm! The kids are lucky if there are any left after me ;0)

Sandra said...

Great list :)

Thank you for delurking over at my blog, I'm adding you to me reader :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa,
I just releized you were Catholic too. I have added you to my blog links. I am a late bloomer too. I didn't releize my calling till I was over 40. I have so enjoyed reading your blog.