Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Funny

Ryan is quite a humorous boy.

The other day, I came out of the shower, slathered some floral scented lotion, and proceeded to do my household business. As I passed by him, he says, "Oh mommy, you smell nice, just like roses! I thought, "Aw, how nice." Then he says, "Not like when you go to Grandma's house or go to the doctor, or go see fireworks (meaning most other times), then you smell like peanuts! But he made sure I didn't feel too bad. He said, "But that's still nice!"

I had to double check with Steve and the girls and find out if I really smell like peanuts normally. They said I don't smell any kind of way, just normal. That's good. Maybe I'll wear scented lotions more often. They do smell pretty.

I think I mentioned before that Ryan loves to play around with my camera, taking shots of just about anything. I'll leave you with a self-portrait that he did. I'll spare you the pictures he took of his tongue and tonsils or him picking his nose.


MITZI said...

Oh Lisa, I'm having to stifle my laughter at work. This is so funny!! I never smelt peanuts on you but now I'll be ever aware. Ryan is too cute. Peanuts!! :) LOL

GrandmaK said...

The child has a sensitive nose! Very,very funny! (I love laugh-out-loud stories!) Cathy

Aussie Therese said...

lol. I think we need to see the photo of his tonsil. If you don't show us, you have to at least keep it for a display photo at his 21st.

Laura said...

I don't wear perfume; I wear scented lotion too.
It's more gentle and doesn't overpower a room.

GrandmaK said...

Inviting you to drop by for some lemonade. I have something for you. Cathy

Tracy said...

ha, that is just too sweet!

Julieann said...

Ryan is a cutie patootie!!!

Is it raining by you today--it is coming down pretty good by me--Yay!!! :)

Stay warm


Sandra said...

LOL that's funny

Bia said...

that is so cute.

our middle son has a very acute sense of smell...for good and bad. When he was younger, he liked to climb in bed with us and loved to smell my pillow...he said it smelled so good (i think it was probably my floral shampoo).