Friday, January 9, 2009

Finished Dishcloth

I finished my first dishcloth of the new year! It came out bigger than I would have liked, but that's OK. It's about 12" x 12". I got the pattern out of this leaflet. This particular pattern had a new stitch for me so it was fun to make.

I'll experiment with a new stitch for my next dishcloth. Maybe I'll do a little adjusting to make the cloth smaller - the way I normally like them.
I also want to knit some dishcloths, too. I'm not as confident in my knitting as with crochet, but hey, practice makes perfect. I'm usually the armchair type crafter. I do a little bit here and there but mostly oohh and aahh everyone else's work. I've decided that I'm just going to get out there and do my own. I'll try and do that pattern that's a little more difficult. I'll take that challenge. So, I will get out those knitting needles and try not to get too intimidated. I'll get out my sewing machine and try sewing again.
I'm looking forward to see what I can create!


Laura said...

This is very pretty. I would like to learn how to crochet or knit or something crafty this year.

GrandmaK said...

Very, very nice. Lovely Colors! Still working on my counted x-stitch! Cathy

MITZI said...

I'm proud of you! Very nice. Now is that crocheted or knitted???
Love ya.

Tracy said...

oh Lisa, this is just so pretty.. what a lovly talent you have.. I wish I could do the same.. maybe someday:)

SuzyQ said...

This is a great pattern, I love it. So neat and such pretty colours to go with it!