Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Over the weekend, we spent lots of time at the soccer and baseball fields. Glad to say that all three of the kids won their games. Ryan came out of his batting slump and finally made contact with the ball each time he came up. As fun as the games are, I can't wait for the seasons to end. I need a little break from all the practices and hustling here and there. I will so enjoy getting to sit back a little and do some reading or crocheting/knitting. But I think it'll be just in time for the holidays.

I've been spending lots of time going through the kids closets. There are lots of clothes to go through. I've been making a list of clothing items that the kids need due to growth spurts. I've been bagging items to go to the thrift store. Old, broken toys are getting tossed and those that aren't used very often are going to the garage.

One of the things on my To-Do list is to go through my email folder and delete, delete, delete. I have so many newsletters from different groups that I fully intend to read but never get around to because of time limitations. For many of them, I think I'm just going to go in and unsubscribe. I also have a lot of those that come from Netflix that say, "We have received (insert name of DVD)". I tend to keep those, just in case they come back later and say, "We never received such and such DVD"! Well, of course, that hasn't happened, so I'm going to just delete all those. Then I have all the newsletters from Borders bookstore. I keep those because I want to read about all the latest books coming out. But honestly, my To Be Read list is long enough as it is. So, those will be deleted. I hope to have a clutter free inbox soon!

Ryan lost another tooth. His two front teeth were loose but were very stubborn about coming out. Luckily, a school friend of his was playing tag, and accidentally hit Ryan in the mouth. But only one tooth got knocked out. The other one is still hanging on. I keep reminding him to wiggle that tooth. I hope it's not there much longer. I can't seem to get myself to be the one to pull it out.

I made a menu plan for this week but I've already had to alter it. We will be going out to eat with Steve's visiting sister and brother-in-law tomorrow night so that will change the plan a little. I hope to post my interesting (hee hee) menu plan later.


GrandmaK said...

Busy! Busy! Busy!!! Stop and take a deep breath...I know I feel better. You really do need a breather. I'm winded just reading your post. Have a quiet evening...Cathy

Tracy said...

Oh lost teeth.. that is always fun.. our kids have always loved losing those teeth and putting them under the pillow.. then I just have to make sure that I don't fall asleep and forget to leave some money.. you get a pretty sad kid when you do that:)
Have a great day!!

Kimberly at Echowood said...

Your life sounds a bit like mine these days....kids losing teeth, having to deal with piles of kids' clothing, and needing to purge the e-mail in-box of loads and loads of JUNK! I hear ya! Hope you have time for some fun, though, too!

Take care!

Laura said...

It is very hard for me to stay on top of the emails too.
I'm an email hoarder.
What is up with that?

Jackie Parkes said...

Interesting to hear your day to day life..

GrandmaK said...

I'm back to offer you this award...you certainly deserve it. Cathy