Friday, November 7, 2008

Yea! The Tooth Came Out!

Ryan finally lost his other front tooth! He looks so cute! This one was a stubborn one, but he was persistent, and finally pulled it out.
And he also got a haircut! Due to our busy schedule, he was way overdue for one. Today was early dismissal, so I was able to take him today.
Tomorrow, more soccer and a baseball game. Emily will play her last game for the season and then have the team pizza party. She's looking forward to that. Kathryn has two games that will end her regular season. However, she has a tournament to get ready for, then playoffs. This feels like the season that will never end! Ryan will also have a game tomorrow. Then one more next weekend, then he's done too...yippee!
Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Tracy said...

awww, he is so cute!!
my youngest Alex finally has his first loose tooth.. he is so darn excited and spends much time with his finger in his mouth trying to wiggle it out:)

Laura said...

Gotta love a toothless kid.

MITZI said...

Ryan looks so handsome with his slicked back hair. Love it!