Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I thought I'd share some random photos that were taken within the past couple of months.

Emily enjoying her orange at her soccer game.

When we went on our weekend getaway last month, Kathryn got a makeover at a popular tween store. She felt so grown-up and glamorous.

This was on the Monorail at Dis*neyland.

Ryan celebrated a birthday last month and this shot shows his little cake with some candles lit. He is not standing with the cake because he gets a little scared with lit candles. I don't know why. It's not like something caught on fire one year after lighting a birthday cake or we burned ourselves lighting the candles. Maybe he thinks that by blowing, the fire will catch something on fire. When we ask him, he just says he doesn't like lighting candles. Oh well, I'm sure he'll get over it sometime. I don't remember if he blew the candles out after a lot of cajoling or if we let Kathryn and Emily blow them out.

I will leave with this wonderful shot of Steve. He loves reggae music, so I thought this would be an appropriate shot!


Tracy said...

Oh Lisa, these are wonderful pictures.. I have to say the orange in the mouth is sooo cute!!

Therese said...

we need pictures of you too Lisa. I love the makeover photo and my children put the orange in their mouths like that regularly.

GrandmaK said...

What fun!!! Good for you all! God Bless and thank you for sharing! Cathy

Laura said...

Nice ( and slightly wacky) bunch!
great pics.

MITZI said...

Cute pictures. Before I read your comment under Kathryn's picture, I thought how grown up she looks. Very pretty.

I though Steve was imitating Manny Ramirez. :)

Julieann said...

Ha-Ha--such cute pictures!! Haven't we all had an orange smile like that once in our lives:)

Happy day my friend.


Jackie Parkes said...

I love reggaae & your blog! Will add you to my links..I hope you might add mine.

Lori said...

Enjoyed the photos!