Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Has It Been That Long?

I guess so. I've just been busy living life that I haven't had a chance to update.
Let me think about what's been going on.

Emily got hit with the stomach flu. That's always fun. Of course I didn't have any warning. She just woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. Thank the Lord that the rest of us didn't catch it.

I had to have a crown put on my tooth. I have a temporary right now so I return to the dentist on Monday for the permanent one. I was having quite a bit of pain being that my nerve is near the surface of the tooth. The pain would even travel to my temple. Sometimes food would accidentally move to that side of my mouth and OUCH! Lots of pain. But this week, the pain has pretty much disappeared. I'm glad about that.

Been doing a lot of running around taking my retainer ( I wear it every night) to the dental lab that's making the crown. They need it to make sure that it will fit when I get the crown. They needed it a couple of times. They've tried to just keep it for a day or two at a time so I wouldn't be without it for long.

Tomorrow I need to get a pumpkin for Emily's Daddy and Me date at her preschool. She's so looking forward to this. I guess she and Steve will be carving a pumpkin and putting some decorations on it.

I also need to spend the day folding laundry. That's one chore that is never ending. I always seem to have laundry baskets full of clean clothes waiting to get put away. I also need to sweep the patio and our porches. We've had the Santa Ana winds for the past couple of days and the porches are full of leaves and twigs and dirt and whatever else the wind has blown our way.

Now I'm going to bed and just chill!

Have a good day, everyone!


Laura said...

Dad and me day sounds adorable.

Tracy said...

Sorry your daughter was sick but so glad you didn't all get it.. that is rare.. usually when one gets it the entire house gets hit.
I know all about the crown junk.. I've had two in two years and right now I'm looking at the option of a third or trying a temporary filling to hold off another year.. argh!!
Have a great weekend!

MITZI said...

Hey Sis, who has time to blog anymore. As you can see from mine, I'm blogging less than you.
Chante has the flu and Gina has a runny nose. Timothy was coughing and sniffling this morning. Larissa just got through a cold. Frank and I haven't come up with anything yet. We celebrated 35 years married yesterday!! I probably should write a letter instead of taking up so much comment space.
Have a good day when you read this. Enjoy your child-less hours. Bet you thought it would never happen.

GrandmaK said...

I can remember our frightful experience driving into LA in 1973 when the winds were up. It was all Ron could do to keep the Van (Dodge Ram Maxivan)on the road! I was scared to death...Hope you have a better week. Cathy