Monday, June 30, 2008

A Tag

Tracy tagged me for this fun meme:

Four, Four, Four, Four.....

A. Four places that I go to over and over:

1. grocery store
2. church
3. Target
4. My mom's house

B. Four people who email me regularly:

I hardly get any personal emails :( I do get frequent ones from the following:
1. Steve (from work)
2. my kid's school
3. Lion Brand Yarn
4. Borders books

C. My favorite 4 places to eat:

1. Ruby's
2. Super Mex
3. Red Lobster
4. Souplantation
D. Four places I would rather be right now:

1. a cabin in the mountains
2. a beach house
3. Hawaii
4. colonial Williamsburg

E. Four people I think will respond:

1. SuzyQ
2. GrandmaK
3. Mitzi
4. Kimberly

F. Four TV shows I watch all the time:

1. Lost
2. The Next Food Network Star
3. Supernanny
4. Mass on EWTN

G. Four words that describe you:

1. shy
2. considerate
3. non-confrontational
4. pensive

H. Four favorite "old school" Hollywood actors/actresses:

1. Frank Sinatra
2. Jimmy Stewart
3. Spencer Tracy
4. Bing Crosby

I. Four favorite "old school" television game shows:

1. Press Your Luck
2. Concentration
3. Let's Make a Deal
4. Password

J. Four favorite "old school" television shows:

1. I Love Lucy
2. Dick Van Dyke Show
3. Twilight Zone
4. The Brady Bunch

K. List four things you liked best about Christmas when you were a child:

1. scent of the tree
2. family get together
3. Christmas music
4. Christmas TV specials

L. List four things you liked best about Halloween when you were a child:

1. cheap costumes from Savon
2. candy
3. trick or treating
4. my dad scaring kids at the door

M. List four things you did not like about growing up:

1. strict parents not allowing me to do many social activities w/friends
2. feeling left out
3. having to take the bus to school
4. feeling dorky

N. List 4 events that impacted your life:

1. having an Evangelical witness to me in college (caused me to search further in the Catholic faith)
2. my marriage
3. birth of my children
4. death of my father

I tag those listed in letter E.


GrandmaK said...

Thanks for the tag...News flash...looked at the knitting tonight and found I hadn't torn our enough rows...Still have some knitting to do but must fix the mistake first...PRAY for me. Will not attempt it again until tomorrow!! Good evening! Cathy

MITZI said...

yes Lisa, I'm checking in. Wasn't it the pits that our parents were so strict! They meant well but please let me gooooooooo!!! :) That's probably why we were so shy, we had no social skills. But that's for another counseling session. Ha ha just kidding. I'm taking mom to the doctor tomorrow. I love doing that for her. No need for her to take the bus. Later....

MITZI said...

I just realized you tagged me. What do i do? Do I list my answers on my blog? I'll probably call you.
Tomorrow though, it's 9:47 PM. Time for bed.

Tracy said...

great answers, thanks for playing:)

Len & Heather said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. Very honest!!!
Heather - Doodle Acres

Len & Heather said...

I wanted to email you since you said that you don't get much personal email but I couldn't find an email address on your blog. :)

Reading your profile, I was struck by this: "I "discovered" my vocation late in life and am trying to catch up and learn now what I should have been doing all along. I fail often but with God's grace, He can turn my failures into something useful."

WOW!!! I can definitely relate. I feel that it has taken me almost 20years of marriage to get this homemaking, husband serving, etc. etc. stuff down and I still stumble and fall on a regular basis!!!

Heather - Doodle Acres

Therese said...

I didn't think of strict parents when I was writing mine. I did have strict parents though that didn't let me do much. I try to have a reason why when I say no to my children.