Friday, June 13, 2008

RIP Tim Russert

I was saddened to hear the news about the death of Tim Russert. Although I don't watch much of the Sunday talk shows, I would occasionally watch Meet the Press, especially when Mary Matalin and James Carville would be on together. I was always impressed with his fairness and his style. He didn't get me angry like some others are wont to do. I guess I just plain liked him.

I would like to read the book he wrote about his father, Big Russ and Me: Father and Son: Lessons of Life. I see that it's number one on the Amazon list.

May he rest in peace.


MITZI said...

Glad you found me again. I was going to let you know about this new blog. I,m going to try and be a little more creative.

Yes, the laker game was an upset. In fact, Timothy said I caused them to lose as they were winning until I sat down and started watching. :) Timothy & Leah were both in bad moods after the loss.

Laura said...

Tim Russert was a good example of what you can do with fame and money. I will miss him.

Tracy said...

I am so sad at Tim's death, he was a one of kind guy and I enjoyed him so much on meet the press!!

This a.m. they had his son Luke on the today show, what a fine young man.. but being Tim's son.. of course!!! Rest in peace Tim.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Lisa I will miss him too. I watched Meet the Press nearly every Sunday. It was one of my favorite news shows. He was fair. He asked the tough questions but he didn't badger people. I liked him too. He was real. He was not a news desk pretty-boy, if you know what I mean. Refreshingly transparent, honest and fair. I wold like to read his book about his father too. I read that his father is still alive. What a terrible loss for him. And how glad Tim must be in his eternal reward knowing that at least he let his father know how very much he loved him. May he rest in peace.

Shelly said...

He just had this - i don't know how to describe it - a welcoming kind face?!

He was totally a dem, but there was *something* special about him. I saw him promoting his "Father" book on Hannity's show last year or so - he was just so sweet and genuine.

May God have mercy on his soul. [I always think: gosh, i hope he/she was ready!]