Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Survived!

Today was the first day of summer vacation and I SURVIVED! I had to referee a few arguments but overall, we kept our cool.

Kathryn told me she needs a new bathing suit. I just bought her one last year and it was a little big, so I told her to try it on. It fit fine. Then Emily asked to try hers on. Hers is getting tight so she will need one. Well, since they had their suits on, they wanted to go in the pool. It needs to be inflated and since it would take a while, I told them they could go in the sprinkler. That worked out great and they had a good time, except the three times Kathryn ran back in the house because of the bee that was flying around. By the third time, I told her she better just stay in the house. The others decided to stay in as well, so that was the end of that.

I'll try to get the pool pumped up this weekend.

Tonight we went to the Angels game. Tickets were $5 each so that was an unbelievable price. The Angels lost but we had fun. I had to get up and walk with Emily a couple of times but she lasted for almost 9 innings.

Tomorrow, I have my hair appointment so I'll be taking the kids to my mom's so she can watch them. We'll also have lunch with her. Then it's basketball practice for Ryan.

In between, I'll clean and cook. The usual.

Blessings to everyone!


GrandmaK said...

Oh!!! Have a wonderful summer!!! They are so short when the children are growing up soooo fast. Cherish every moment! Cathy

SuzyQ said...

Have a great Summer vacation Lisa. My kids don't pack up till July!

Tracy said...

Isn't summer just fun, lol!! What is it with bee's and kids?? My son Matt is so scared of bee's that if he would see one outside.. thats it, he will Not go back out and wouldn't you know he always will see one within the first ten minutes he goes outside.. argh!! (I never worried about this at his age:)

MITZI said...

Hi Lisa,
We'll have to get together at mom's with the kids this summer. I have Friday's off and Leah has Wednesdays off. Since my house is made of wood I have lots of lovely wasps through the summer. Add to that the water from a sprinkler and pool and we'll have disaster once the wasps start getting near the kids. :) Let's meet at Mom's!

Laura said...

So, year round schools?
Do you like the sound of that?
I'm just kidding....
Gotta love a mom who takes her kids to baseball....and the cheapseats rock. I know them well.

Laura said...
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Ebony said...

Thanks for writing this.