Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Are Not Going To Believe What Happened!!!

I don't believe it either. I went to pick up my rental car today. The car was waiting for me and after signing the paperwork, I went out to the back of the little rental car place to take a look at it and verify with the nice gentleman worker that there were no nicks or dings, whatever. Everything was A-OK, so after initialing in the proper places, I took the keys and prepared to take off.

Well, to get out the back lot, I had to maneuver this big minivan through a narrow, narrow driveway. Did I mention it was narrow? Yep, you can guess what happened. I had to turn into this driveway at a funny angle because the huge car was positioned in a way that was difficult to pull out. There were other big cars in the lot (very tiny lot by the way). And of course it being a totally new car, I wasn't comfortable in it. So, being stupid, instead of getting one of the nice employees to pull it out for me, I tried to do it myself. I backed in, backed out, backed in, backed out, just like in parallel parking. I couldn't get it, and just as I was going to back out for the last time, I got too close to the corner of the building and busted the side mirror on the passenger side. It's probably hard to visualize, but the lot was so tiny for having such big cars in there! I couldn't believe it. I wanted to cry! That's the third time I damaged a car in less than two weeks! Read here for my other incidents.

To make a long story shorter, I'll probably have to pay some out of pocket expense. They told me that the damage wasn't major and probably wouldn't be worth the trouble of filing a claim with my insurance company. We shall see. I really don't want to have to tell my insurance company that I'm such a klutz and they end up raising my rates! So now I'm driving a monster SUV that I sort of need a step stool to get in.

I'm really nervous about driving now. What will happen next??? Thankfully, the kids are on Easter break so I don't have to be taking them to school everyday! But I'm sure I will have some errands to run (like shopping for Easter outfits). Well, I guess it's like when you fall off a horse, they say you should get back on so you don't give fear a chance to take over.

I know most of you don't know what I look like , but if you see someone nervously driving a silver Chrys*ler Aspen, turn the other way!


mitzi said...

Wow Lisa, have you thought about starting to drive a mini cooper? Just kidding you. Don't be afraid. Just get back on and ride. Will I see the monster car on Sunday? You bash cars, I run the curbs. I've knocked over trash cans pulling out of the driveway.

Julieann said...

Oh Lisa, I am so sorry!!! I can sooooo relate to you right now--driving can really frazzle me. Enjoy your break, and Happy Easter.


Kimberly at Echowood said...

Hi Lisa! I'm enjoying reading your blog. I can totally sympathize with your car troubles. What is with some of these parking lots, anyway? And the extra-high curbs and ditch-like spots in the roads and driveways? Etc etc. Driving generally makes me a nervous wreck---I have my little 3-mile radius that I'm comfortable with, but when I get outside of that (which is, purposefully, hardly ever) I'm white-knuckling it the whole time!

Maryellen said...

Oh my! Lisa, you have my empathy and sympathy. Car troubles are so un-nerving.

I had a lot of that kind of problem when I was young-I think parents are overwhelmed with responsibilities, and the children in the car can be distracting along with the chatter going on in our own heads all the time.

I think the best thing about heaven will be NO CARS. (just kidding, of course).

Therese said...

You bring back some memories for me. I had two car accidents in the first 6 months of having my license. I felt like a klutz too. I started telling everyone to stay off the road when they saw me coming lol too.

I also agree with Mary Ellen. No cars in heaven sounds divine.

patjrsmom said...


Oh my word! I just read this second installment of the car troubles! I hope things have been better since. Hoping you have a lovely, Blessed Easter week with your family (and without any car incidents!)

God Bless,