Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I still have lots to do before Easter.

Today I am getting a rental car so that I can be driving something while my car is in the shop. Tomorrow I take my car into the body shop so they can fix my ugly gash. I will try to take a picture of said gash so you can compare when the car comes back all nice and spiffy. That reminds me, I need to charge up the batteries so I can take the picture :)

I need to check through closets to make sure we all have something nice to wear on Easter Sunday. I have a feeling I'll be doing some shopping on Saturday. Little Emily is getting to be bigger Emily. She is growing like a weed. She is only three years old, soon to be four, but she is more comfortable wearing size 6 clothes!.

Hopefully we will (or a combination of us) be able to attend Mass on Holy Thursday and the Good Friday service. I hope so because they are so meaningful to me.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I bought a dye kit, so we will be dying some Easter eggs, too! I need to get out our old plastic eggs and fill those up so we can have a hunt on Sunday morning. I already have Easter baskets and grass so I just need to add some candy to them.

On Easter Sunday, we will be going to my mother's house for a family get together. It will be a little nontraditional as we will be having a barbecue! I think the weather's supposed to be in the mid to upper 70's so it should be perfect. I'm not sure what I'm going to bring yet. I need to look through my cookbook.

Through this busyness, I must not forget to ponder and pray about this most holy of seasons. Remembering the great love that our Savior has for us and the price he paid for our redemption.

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Tracy said...

Have a wonderful Holy week and Easter!! Blessings