Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Car Troubles

Gosh, this just hasn't been my week for driving the car. It started out on Monday when I dropped Ryan off with Steve at work so that they could go together to baseball practice. I misjudged the huge concrete curb while turning to get out of that section of the parking lot. It's not a normal curb but it comes up about a foot from the ground. So, I'm turning and I hear a very loud grinding noise. I figure I must have scraped the tire and rim so I pull over to survey the damage and I don't see a thing. The tire looks fine and the hubcap has no nicks. I'm puzzled because the noise was so loud! So I figure that it must have scraped the area kind of around the tire. It seems a little bent but nothing major. I feel lucky I came out of that without major damage or a flat tire - so I think to myself. Well, I then stop at Staples to get some needed stuff. As I'm opening the sliding door (I have a minivan) to get Emily out, I notice that right under the doors, almost going underneath the car, is a huge scrape! It's about a foot long, all white with paint scraped off, paint about to peel off, just a yucky looking mess! Tomorrow I need to call the insurance company to find out what to do about that. I know I'll need to take it to get fixed, rent a car, and all that fun expensive stuff. I could kick myself for not being more attentive and misjudging that curb. I go through that parking lot all the time and I know it's tricky, but I've always managed.

Now for my next incident. Yesterday, I'm taking Kathryn to soccer practice. We arrive at the school where the practice is held. As I'm making the turn to pull into the parking lot, I have to make kind of a sharp turn. So, as I'm making this turn the car goes bump, bump. I've misjudged again, but the bumps are so clunky that I know I didn't just glaze the curb but probably actually jumped the curb! At this point I can't believe my stupidity and am beginning to feel that I'm a sorry driver! We arrive in the parking stall so I go around to take a look at the tire to see if there are any cuts, tears, etc. I look at the tire and can hear the air coming out and the tire slowly becoming flat!!! ARGH!!!! Steve can't help because he's with Ryan at his baseball game. I call my insurance company and they send a tower to come and change my tire. After soccer practice, we head to buy two new tires. Thankfully, they are able to put the new tires on right then so I won't have to do it today.

Hopefully, I won't have any more of these things happening for a long while! Now I wait to see what the insurance company says!


patjrsmom said...

Oh man, do I feel your pain. We've had not one--but two--vehicles with the same foot long scrape in the same spot. Not at the same time, fortunately, but the same type of scrape nonetheless. I hope you have good luck with the insurance people!

God Bless,

mitzi said...

Wow Lisa, sorry to hear of your driving experiences. It is scarry to hear sraping noises and hissing air from tires. Been there, done that! Cars can be some of the most stressful events of life when they are not cooperating.

Tracy said...

OH, I'm so sorry for your difficult day.. Prayers things will start looking up!

GrandmaK said...

I can certainly empathize with you!! I HIT the curb once and caused a blowout! Drat! It is so embarrassing and expensive. Have a really good weekend to make up for this!!! And God Bless! Cathy