Sunday, March 9, 2008


Ryan and Kathryn both had games this weekend. Kathryn's team won 5-1. Yea! She's one of the older players on her team and enjoys her "leadership." For once she's not the littlest one wet behind the ears. At Ryan's level of play, they don't keep score so his team doesn't have wins or losses. He just has fun out there - as long as he's not playing at the pitcher's position. He doesn't like that at all.

We made a trip to the library this weekend. Lots of picture books for Emily and lots of readers for Ryan. One book that we've enjoyed so far is Bark, George by Jules Feiffer. The story is cute and the illustrations are hilarious. I'll have to check out some more by this author. I guess he's a famous cartoonist, but I'd never heard of him.

Worked some more with Kathryn on schoolwork. I mostly am trying to focus her and keep her from getting distracted. I plan on reading more with her to try to develop better comprehension.

Today, I went out to lunch with my good friends. We celebrate each other's birthdays by going out to lunch then a movie. This time, we skipped the movie and just window shopped. We don't need to have big celebrations. We just like to get together and have girlfriend time. All of us are so busy raising kids and whatnot that we don't get to see each other too often, but we talk on the phone more.

Tomorrow morning will interesting to see how easy or difficult it will be for the kids to wake up with this Daylight Savings Time. I tried to get them to bed earlier, but no one was really sleepy. I'm sure they'll feel sleepy when it's time to get up. I hope I can get up :)! I do like the sunlight being out a little longer. I can feel spring in the air. It was probably about 80 degrees today!

It was a nice weekend!


Maryellen said...

Hi Lisa
I just popped in when your RSS feed indicated you had a new post.

I haven't posted in three weeks now. I just get slower and slower and seem to never get all my chores done anymore.

I was wondering where you live in Southern Calif? (You don't need to post it here, just email me from my profile page, when you have time.)

I have 2 sons and a daughter in Southern CA, and many Grandchildren there. Daughter, Susie, lives in Rancho Santa Margarita. She started going to Mass again last year after being away from the Sacraments for 37 years. She seems quite content there. She has three adult sons.

Tracy said...

80 degrees? Oh wow.. not fair!! lol

Julieann said...

Hi Lisa!!! This is soooo neat, that we are neighbors--hasn't it been beautiful lately:) Thank you so much for visiting me---I am going to come back and visit more--right now I have to hop in the shower and get the children ready:) You have a lovely blog--and Alexis and I LOVED the book you mentioned! Bark, George:)

Have a wonderful day, neighbor,