Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What's Happening!

Here is what's been happening:

I finally finished Emily's second mitten. I won't bother to show it as it looks exactly like the other one I made, except this one looks a little more sloppy. I couldn't quite get the thumb to attach to the rest of the glove quite well. There's a little hole. Well, it shouldn't bother Emily too much. I'm working on her scarf now. This is a little swatch of the stitch pattern I will be using. The yarn looks a little bright here, but it's an off white.

When I am finished with that, I will work on a matching set for Kathryn and Ryan. Here is the yarn I will be using for that.

Ryan actually wanted a lighter blue. He said this one was too dark. He said he wants a sky blue color. I wanted it to be a little more conservative and adaptable with other clothes, but he wants the other color. I think I'll browse the Internet and show him what the light blue would look like. But I'll knit in whatever color he wants.

Kathryn has been busy learning to play the recorder for school. She loves it. We hear it all evening long! I think by now, I'm an expert at Hot Cross Buns. I hum it in my sleep! But I won't complain. I'm happy she's enjoying learning about music. And it beats (no pun intended) listening to the drums! LOL!

Emily is enjoying the My Little Pony DVD. She just loves those characters. She plays with the ponies a lot. Playing house with them and having the cutest conversations. Very cute!

Right now, this is what I'm reading. It's on my Fall Reading list.

It's a parallel story about the architect in charge of designing and building the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. At the same time some murders were taking place the same area at the same time preparations were going on. It's pretty interesting but a little long.

Today I decided to do some cleaning under my bed. Oh my goodness! I found a treasure chest under there. This is a whole box of what I found. I don't know how these things end up here but here they are. Some things get accidentally get kicked under there when the kids are playing with all their silly cute toys that have a gazillion pieces. Other things, I don't know. I think it's time to tell the kids, "No more playing in Mom and Dad's room"!!

And, that's what I've been doing!

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SuzyQ said...

I love your mittens.
They are so cute.
You can always get "perfect" looking ones from the shop! But they will never be as tresured or loved as those made by the loving hands of a mother for her child!
That is what makes them special and beautiful :0)
God Bless