Monday, October 22, 2007

More Wind!

It was windy all through the night, but not enough to scare me and keep me up. I have surveyed the damage and here is what needs to be done:

  • Pick up aluminum cans that are strewn around in the backyard. Don't ask what they are doing there. The story goes way back.

  • Tie up some rose trees back to their stakes. They have broken the ties that were holding them on and now they are swaying so bad I'm afraid they might snap.

  • Monitor the trash can sitting at the curb. Today is trash day and our can is loaded. If the top flips off with the wind, some of the trash bags could fall out. That would not be nice.

I also need to do plenty of work inside the house, too.

  • I was working on laundry when the power went out last night. So I need to finish that and put them away. Clothes are in all places.

  • Clean the kitchen. It's a mess. Dirty floor and dirty dishes.

  • Clean up the clutter everywhere.

  • Start with getting the disaster preparedness kit going.

So I'll be busy today!

1 comment:

Maryellen said...

Oh Lisa
what a mess those SA Winds cause. We used to live in Anaheim (1968to 1977). We have 2 children living in Orange County, and 1 in San Diego County. They were not in danger from the fires.

Sounds like the fires were not threatening your place. I'm thankful for that. The winds were bad enough!

I can surely sympathize with your busy day of housework. Don't forget to stop and rest. Take care of yourself.