Sunday, October 21, 2007


The San*ta Ana winds have arrived. Every year around this time, we get these strong dry winds along with high temperatures. They are really strong, blowing shingles off the roof, tree branches strewn along the street, and this year, a power outage. I was right in the middle of washing clothes when it happened. I had to take out the wet, sopping clothes, throw them in a garbage bag and head out to my mother's house to finish the wash. If it wasn't that I had the kids uniforms in this load, I would have just left them in the washing machine until the power came on. And I had no idea when that would be. Thankfully, when I came back home, the power had been restored! It's also a good thing Steve and I both had pulled our cars out of the garage before losing power. It's very difficult to get that electric garage door to open manually!

These winds have also brought lots of fires in the hills and canyons. Coming home on the freeway tonight, I could see the fire going on in the hills about 10 miles from here.

With all these fires going on, the winds, and the power outages that threaten us, it has reminded me to put together an emergency preparedness kit. I'm going to put that at the top of my to-do list!

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