Monday, September 28, 2009

Gosh, Where Have I Been!

I really haven't been anywhere, but I've been busy taking care of home and family.

Emily is enjoying Kindergarten. She loves learning all the songs at morning prayer and Mass at school. I really must try to get her on video. It's just precious. Right now she sings Immaculate Mary, The Servant Song and a version of Glory to God in the Highest. Maybe she'll like to sing in the children's choir. But, she can't do that until the 2nd grade. She's also doing great at soccer. She scored five goals in her last game! Her coach has to rein her in so that others can have a chance at scoring. I have to say that she's the most competitive of my children!

Ryan is all into the Ice Age movie right now. He's counting the days until the movie comes out in DVD. His favorite subject in school is spelling. This week he is the Student of the Week. He gets to bring in some of his favorite things to share with his class. He's very excited!

Kathryn is getting excited for her birthday coming up. She gets to go to Disneyland with Steve. They have some deal where you can get in free on your birthday, so Steve is going to take her. We can't afford to all go. It costs so much now. She made some new friends at school and they are having loads of fun doing projects together.

Steve is in baseball heaven right now helping to coach Ryan and his team this Fall. So far, the team is doing well, they haven't lost a game yet. It's surprising because there are many players on the team that have never played before. They can barely swing the bat. But Fall ball is mainly instructional. No official score is kept and there are no wins and losses (but we still like to pretend-hee hee).

As for myself, I'm enjoying having the house to myself while the kids are in school. I'm able to get more done for longer stretches. It's nice when I'm able to wash, fold and put away the laundry all in one swoop! I'm having to learn to pace myself because I tend to try to do so much to take advantage of the kids being gone that I don't take breaks and end up exhausting myself. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not working bringing in a paycheck and heaven forbid that I lay on the sofa or bed and read a book! Anyway, I thank the Lord that at this point in my life, I'm able to be home.

So that's what's been going on in my household. I hope I can start posting more often. I still need to put up my blogroll, and I've read a few more books, so I can add them to my list.

Blessings to all!


MITZI said...

I have Michael Connelly's book "Echo Park" to give you so don't read it. :) I also have a few more novels to give you now that you have the time. And don't feel guilty about laying on the couch and reading. A rested happy mom makes a happy family. Love ya.

Tracy said...

yay, so glad all your kids are doing great!! Alex is really enjoying kindergarten, I guess all that worry I had was for nothing:)

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Mitzi - I guess I beat you to it as I just finished reading Echo Park. But thanks for thinking of me! I'll look forward to the others!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

It's good to get some experience winning when the kids are young. My girls' new travel softball team still has not won a single game since they started in June!