Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Proud Emily

Our Miss Emmy had her final soccer game last Saturday. She was sad to see the season end, but loved that she got to attend her first end of season team pizza party.

I neglected to take decent pictures of her at the party with her trophy. ( I am having a war with my camera, so I'm not doing well with the picture taking)! But I had to have a picture of her with her trophy for the blog so here is the one I took of her at home, without her uniform, but at least she's posing good and has the trophy in her hands. She doesn't care that the trophy is of a boy! Don't blind yourself with Steve's BRIGHT yellow car in the background. :)

You'll notice she's also hugging her newest pal, Katy. She loves duckies, and this one she even gets to feed with a little bottle.
I mentioned being at war with my camera. It has this delay mechanism or something so that when I push the shutter button, it doesn't take the picture right away. I have to keep pushing the button a couple of times before it shoots. By that time, the kids have blinked, looked away, or something and the picture turns out awful. It also switches back to live mode while I'm going through the menu and looking through the previous pictures. It's just doing quirky things like that.
Now I'm kind of itching to get a new one. I'd like one that has better zoom capabilities, especially to shoot action shots of the kids while they're playing in their games. I think the cameras I'm thinking about are the higher priced ones. The ones that have the lenses that you attach. The ones that aren't in my budget. I guess I'll have to save up. I'm practicing being content with what I have for now.
Ryan went to the dentist yesterday. He had a good report, other than he may need orthodontic work at a later date - way later, I hope. He has a small jaw, and when his new teeth come in they just may be too big for the little spacing that he has now. We'll have to see what it's like when the new ones start to come in. Next week, Kathryn and I have appointments. Since we are both on three month schedules, it seems like I'm always in that office, especially if I'm going in for reasons other than routine cleanings.
I'm looking forward to the weekend coming up. We just have Ryan's game to go to -- Yea! I think I'll work on some things around the house, then head out with Steve and the kids somewhere fun. Not sure where just yet.
Have a good day!


GrandmaK said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Darling picture...You know my camera has delay too. I've gotten used to it I guess, but Ron really hates is and goes back to his OLD Kodak digital...Both take great pics, but he's happy with HIS friend. Wonderful post! Thanks. Cathy

Tracy said...

oh my gosh, what a darling picture, she is soooo cute:)

MITZI said...

Congratulations to little Emily!! She is so sweet.

SuzyQ said...

Congrats to "Miss Emmy"
What a great looking trophy!

Julieann said...

YAY!! Congratulations! Your children are just sooo cute.

Lisa, please come and visit me--I have something for you over at my blog!