Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving Day went very nicely. We had Thanksgiving lunch with my brother and SIL. It went pretty smoothly considering I was worried that my kids would act up in a major way. I prepared them ahead of time and they ended up being good most of the time. We all got to chit chat for awhile after the meal so that was nice. Then the kids got a little antsy and we called it a day before things could get out of hand. My brother and SIL don't have kids so I try not to overwhelm them with the noise level that my kids can generate. But kids are kids and I don't fault them for that.

Once we got home, we let loose and relaxed. We watched some more of Charlie Brown. Steve watched some games on TV and then we drove to watch the fireworks at Disney*land.

Friday, I did not shop. I don't even have my shopping list ready. I hope to be able to do most of the shopping on-line anyway. I spent most of the day doing laundry, reading and knitting. Then we went to the park with the kids and let them play ball, run around, and play on the play apparatus.

Today, Steve is trying to get the Christmas lights up. We won't light them yet as it's too early and can be a little expensive. He just wants them up since today is a warm day and usually it's freezing when he gets around to doing it. My car is getting a tune-up so I'm waiting for the call to pick it up. Then it's off to do some errands.

And that's an almost blow by blow account of my holiday weekend so far!


Therese said...

Sounds like a great weekend Lisa. I like buying most of our Christmas presents online too.

I have a sister that has one baby. He was born in July so this is the first year they will have a child at the Christmas party. I know exactly what you are talking about with the children overwhelming your brother and sil. I use to worry about that with my children.

MITZI said...

Hi Sis, Let me tell you from one whose (sp?) been there and now older and wiser. People really don't "hear" the kids like a mom does. We hear our kids amplified and think everyone else does too. But they don't. :) Besides R & S are teachers, they probably don't hear it like you might think. Give Kathryn, Ryan & Emie hug from Aunt Mitzi now that they know who I am. LOL Give Steve a happy birthday hug. It's the 30th right?