Friday, August 3, 2007

Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?

In today's Orange County Register, there was an article about the declining butterfly population in the county. How sad! They attribute it to the drought we've been having. The plants and flowers that feed these butterflies are not surviving the drought. I also think it has to do with all the development that this county has had. Lots of land that was once agriculture or rolling hills has been developed into the newer cities that make up Orange County.

What a loss if our butterflies disappear! They are a nice reflection of God's beauty on earth. They are a delight to the heart if you stop and observe a butterfly fluttering about a flower. Today, I don't see too many butterflies. Mostly just the white ones ( I don't know the name of those). I ought to do some research and find out what kind of plants and flowers attract the butterflies and plant those in the yard.

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MITZI said...

Hi Lisa, when was the last time you saw a lady bug. I find a real treat when I see a lady bug. Probably pesticides have a way of destroying butterflies and lady bugs.

Bugenvailla (sp?) and hibiscus attract the butterflies in my yard. I heard that red flowers attract them.

I think the white butterfly is a moth. I'm not sure. I know moths are not attractive as a butterfly.