Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bringing Out the Ole Knitting Needles

The knitting/crochet bug has hit me once again. It's funny how I'm all into knitting or crocheting, I do that for awhile, then the reading bug hits me. I read a lot of books for a period of time and the knitting needle/crochet hook/yarn gets put away. I guess I go in cycles. The bad part is, once reading hits me again, I tend to forget how to do some stitches and then have to review them when I start doing that again.

Last Saturday, Kathryn and I took a knitting class together. She has never knitted a stitch in her life, and I needed to get reacquainted. Here are our sample swatches we made:

Kathryn's swatch looks pretty good considering it was her first time. She picked up instructions quickly. The hot pink color is very bright in real life! She would like to be able to knit a purse. I'll do all I can to encourage her.

This is my sample swatch. When I started knitting and purling, it started coming back again. Kind of like bike riding. When I knitted in the past, I just did the basics. My goal now is to be able to knit with different color yarns, knit with circular needles and double pointed needles, and most importantly, to be able to correct my mistakes. I've never been able to do that. If I dropped a stitch or something, I had to give it back to the teacher to fix. I need to be able to fix it myself or I won't be able to get far. I hope to start making some caps, scarves and mittens for the winter.


SuzyQ said...

What sweet swatches. I just posted about how I have recently rediscovered knitting. I am also trying to teach my little girl the basics. It's such a valuble and fun skill to have isn't it :0)
Have a wonderful day
I'm enjoying your blog

Lisa said...

Hi SuzyQ! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm enjoying my time knitting again. I'll post a picture of my first project soon!
Kathryn is still practicing away. She enjoys it. Hope she sticks with it.