Sunday, August 5, 2007


This was offered as today's reflection in Magnificat, which I use to follow the Church's liturgical readings and prayer. It is only a portion of it. I used it as my prayer. It is from the writings of Elizabeth Leseur. She was an elite French woman, married to an atheist antagonistic towards her faith. After she died, he found her diary in which she recorded her relationship with God. He eventually converted and became a priest.

My God, I belong and always wish to belong to you, in suffering or in
pain, in spiritual dryness or in joy, in illness or in health, in life or in
death. I want only one thing: that your will be done in me and by me. More and more I seek, and desire to seek, only one end: to promote your greater glory through the accomplishment of your desires for me.

I offer myself to you in wholehearted interior sacrifice and ask you
to dispose of me for your service as the most common, most useless instrument, in favor of those you love. Make me either passive or active, practicing in turn and as the hour required the contemplation I love best and other good works according to your will.

Let me always be strict with myself, more gentle, loving, and helpful to others, to make you loved through me, always hiding my efforts, prayers, and mortifications. Make me very humble and draw my heart to yours, my beloved Savior and God.


Veritas said...

Hi, Lisa, First time here for me thanks to Suzy. I'm astounded at the number of books you read...and this post which I've just discovered today is just what I needed to read. Thank you so much, and God bless.

Lisa said...

Veritas - Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by! Yes, I do love to read. Right now I'm not making too much progress as I've been trying to pick up with some knitting. This little meditation really speaks to me. I'm happy to hear that it ministered to you just when you needed it! Blessings to you!