Monday, May 4, 2009

Litany of the Eucharist

Ryan is going to be making his First Communion next year but I'm already looking for materials that will give him a head start before starting 2nd grade in September.

One of the books I checked out at our church library is The Holy Eucharist by Fr. Lovasik. In the front cover is this litany.

Living Bread that came down from heaven.
Hidden God and Savior.
Perpetual sacrifice.
Clean Oblation.
Lamb without spot.
Most pure Feast.
Food of Angels
Hidden Manna.
Memorial of the wonders of God.
Word made flesh, dwelling in us.
Sacred Host.
Chalice of benediction.
Mystery of Faith.
Most high and adorable Sacrament.
Most holy of all sacrifices.
Most wonderful of all miracles.
Most holy Memorial of the Passion of Christ.
Special Memorial of Divine love.
Most august and holy Mystery.
Bond of charity.
Priest and Victim.
Spiritual Sweetness.
Pledge of future glory.


GrandmaK said...

This really is beautiful. Thank you! Cathy

Tracy said...

Very beautiful, thanks for sharing!!

NC Sue said...

Not sure a child making first Communion would find this as meaningful as I do, but here's a link that about a prayer after Communion written by Padre Pio's: It's absolutely beautiful.

In His love,


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

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