Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kitchen Woes

This past weekend, my two girlfriends came over to help paint my kitchen. My one friend has been painting forever and is always painting her rooms. So she comes and says she would like to paint my whole kitchen. She'll tell the rest of us what to do. That's great because I don't have that much painting experience, just a little bit with Kathryn's room last summer. So for the next five hours, we toil and sweat getting the kitchen painted, cabinets and all.

Well, as we start tearing the tape off cabinets and walls, we notice that the paint is coming off right along with the tape!! Oh my goodness! We committed a BIG boo boo. We didn't realize that you do not use latex paint over oil-based paint. None of us ever thought in terms of latex vs. oil-based. I/We didn't realize my walls are oil-based. My friend tried to salvage all the edges, but the next day, things just didn't look right. I went over to the hardware store, and they gave me the bad news. Latex paint will never stick right over oil-based paint, no matter how many layers you slather on.

The first step I need to do to correct the problem is to remove all the latex paint. Luckily, most of it is coming off in sheets. But there is still lots of scraping to be done. It's a huge mess. Unfortunately, I've become obsessed with getting it all off before it gets really settled in. I spent most of the day peeling paint off. My friend came over to help me out, but there is lots more to be done. I need to now slow down and just do a certain amount a day because I still have to take care of my other duties. And I need to make sure I take time to relax and just be still. I'm becoming exhausted and I know that's not good.

That's the latest here. I'm too tired to upload and post pictures right now but I have some shots of the horror show. You'll be amazed!


GrandmaK said...

My goodness and DRAT! Hope all will be less tiresome down the road. Cathy

Aussie Therese said...

oh Lisa,

That is awful. I am sorry it didn't turn out better.

Make sure you get some rest in between peeling paint.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Oh no! Doing this in small segments is a good idea. I once painted over wallpaper in my kitchen and years later decided to remove it all. Then I had ripped up the dry wall so badly that I had to "skim coat" (apply a thin layer of spackle) the entire wall. From start to finish the project took me an entire month! You are lucky to have friends to help you out.

MITZI said...

Lisa, that happened in my kitchen too. It takes the professionals to advise us. Who'd of thought one couldn't just take a brush and start painting. I found peeling the paint from the walls very theraputic. Kids especially loved peeling the paint off and not get in trouble.

Looks like Emily can hide herself in between the wall and paint film.