Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yikes! We just had an earthquake here! I was here on the computer and the kids were watching TV when we felt a jolt, then a shaking. I gathered everyone up and we went to a doorway, which is what we are supposed to do. It continued to roll for awhile then finally stopped. There is no damage here and we are all fine. Just a little shaken. We have phone coverage and electricity.

According to the TV, it was a 5.8 which is a decent size quake. It was centered about 20 miles northeast of here (more or less). Steve was at work and he said that he felt it strong where he is. That's kind of weird as he is further west than I am. But he works in a big building so maybe that's why. Cell phone coverage is out. Systems must be overloaded.

I hope people are safe where the epicenter is. I would be watching the news right now, but I want the kids to get their minds off the quake so we'll watch some Spongebob. It's also time for lunch so I'm off to fix that.

ETA: News is now reporting the earthquake was 5.4. Still big enough for me!


Julieann said...

Yes, we felt it too---I was in the car--can you believe I felt it in the car--I was at a stoplight---I thought something was wrong with my car. Glad all is well on your end--Thanks for checking on me!

Enjoy your lunch.


Rosemary Bogdan said...

Oh my word! Glad everyone is OK. How very scary. And what a wise mom to put on Spongebob and not earthquake coverage. Thanks be to God you are all fine.

GrandmaK said...

WOW!! brings back memories of the ones we experienced her in early spring. Seem the world is "rockin' 'n' rollin'" Glad all is well with you...know there was some damage as I watched the news...Cathy

Laura said...

I'm glad you are okay. I have never been through an earthquake experience- I imagine it is quite scary.

Tracy said...

WOW.. glad your o.k.

Lori said...

Oh my Lisa, how scarey!! So glad you are all okay. We don't get earthquakes here, or at least we haven't yet. I can't imagine!