Friday, June 11, 2010

I Remember Mama

I recently saw this movie for the first time and just loved it! I enjoy watching these old movies that show families back in the old days. It stars Irene Dunn and a VERY young Ellen Corby (Grandma Walton) in a supporting role. I'm so used to seeing Ellen Corby as Grandma on the Waltons that it was a shock to see her so young! Oh, and it also has Barbara Bel Geddes when she was young. If any of you remember the show, Dallas, she was Mom Ewing.

Boy, these past few months have really been stressful and non-stop. The kids were all involved in their sports activities (three kids-four sports) and it just got to be too much to handle all the logistics involved. I was shuttling the kids here and there, making sure uniforms were ready, equipment was packed, and game schedules were coordinated (a nightmare in itself)! Not to mention, making sure they kept up with schoolwork! Unfortunately, meal planning suffered. We ate so much junk/fast food, it's embarrassing to admit. I feel bad about that, especially since it's my responsibility to make sure everyone has a decent, nutritious meal. But, honestly it was very difficult to handle it all. Needless to say, that won't happen again. Kathryn is through with sports and it will just be two sports per season - one for Ryan and one for Emily. I AM TIRED TRYING TO BE SUPERWOMAN!! There----I got that off my chest!

Things are settling down a little and I hope I can do a little more on my blog. It has been so neglected. I just didn't have time to think about posts! So, I'll post when I can. I spend more time on Facebook and if any of you would like to follow me there, just send me a friend request. Click on my badge on my sidebar and it should take you to my profile. Just let me know that you read my blog because if I don't recognize who you are, I'll probably ignore the request.

Have a nice day!

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California Dreamin said...

Dear Sister, you ARE doing TOO much. Don't beat yourself up because you're eating fast food. How do you think all the other mothers do it! Take it easy.