Monday, November 9, 2009

Funnel Cakes

Yesterday, we were able to get out and after Mass, we headed out to get some funnel cakes. During the summer Steve won some coupons for free funnel cakes and today we decided to redeem them.

We drove down to Shoreline Village in my old hometown of Long Beach. It's situated near the water and has lots of shops and eateries. It has changed quite a bit since I lived there.

Ryan at the entrance of the Funnel House.

The funnel cakes were delicious!

Some sights at Shoreline Village.

And as a side, here is Emily in her Our Lady of Lourdes costume that I fumbled my way through!

I don't know who the saints are in front nor in back of her. Cute!


GrandmaK said...

Oh! What a lovely day you had! I remember visiting Long Beach when we would visit Aunt Clara (in South Pasadena) when we were stationed at Ft. Ord! Have a grand day!!! and thanks for the memories!!! Cathy

MITZI said...

Lisa, I've never had funnel cake! We going to have to get together and have some. With our schedules probably next summer!